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About Us

About us
Shenzhen Jiubao Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Jiubao Technology Co., Ltd
   Founded in 2010, Shenzhen Jiubao Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in R&D and production of metal-based printed circuit boards MCPCB (aluminum substrate, copper substrate, stainless steel substrate). The headquarters and R&D base are built in China‘s largest electronic city - the beautiful Shajing, Bao‘an District, Shenzhen
Street Shatou Community Commercial Street No. 43, the company covers an area of  6,000 square meters, the workshop production environment is comfortable and pleasant.

Our Advantages

Jiubao Technology 4 advantages, make your choice more secure
  • Technology

    Precision forging, military quality, brand raw materials, and strict control

    Factory strength:

    The company has leading automation production equipment and precision testing equipment in China. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, IATF16949 certification in the automotive industry, and its products have passed UL certification in the United States; Simultaneously recognized by the state.

    Production requirements:

    According to customer needs, strictly purchase customized sheets to ensure product quality from the source. All incoming materials must be inspected and qualified before being stored in the warehouse

  • Company strength

    13 years of customized strength, fully automated equipment escort

    Team experience:

    Our team has 13 years of professional experience, specializing in the research and production of metal based printed circuit boards (MCPCBs), including aluminum substrates, copper substrates, and stainless steel substrates.

    production equipment:

    There are Taiwan Dongtai Drilling Machine, Hong Kong Cosmic Vacuum Etching Machine, Dopu Fully Automatic CCD Exposure Machine, Beitefu Fully Automatic Gong Machine, Fully Automatic Computer V-CUT Machine, and Xieli Flying Needle Testing Machine, providing hard support for customized products

  • Quality Assurance

    32 inspection processes to ensure quality

    Production process:

    Full process setup IQC incoming inspection process/PQC process inspection process/IPQA process quality control AOI optical testing/ET electrical testing/FQC finished product inspection process

    Mass production requirements:

    Each process is equipped with corresponding testing facilities, and each process is strictly controlled to ensure product quality. Strictly follow the IPC-66G-II and III inspection standards according to customer requirements for inspection

  • 24-hour after-sales response

    Instant response and thoughtful service, making you worry free

    Quick quotation:

    Accept your inquiry and order for a 10 minute quick quotation, and improve the after-sales service team. Various after-sales service support. 1 hour quick response and free on-site problem-solving.

    Intimate service:

    7 * 24 hour quick response, dedicated person for one-on-one project follow-up, worry free return and exchange. If there are quality issues with the product, unconditional return and exchange will be provided and relevant expenses will be borne.


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